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 Bodyshop Services


Whether it's a minor scratch or damage resulting from an accident, Patterson Accident Repair is fully equipped to restore your car or light commercial vehicle to its former glory!

We use high quality replacement parts that are fitted by our fully trained Technicians, fitted to manufacturer's safety standards, and perfectly finished in the latest paint systems.

Repairs at this accident repair centre come with a paint warranty that lasts the life of the vehicle, where applicable. We are able to do this because we combine advanced Standox refinish materials, applied by craftsmen, with a high technology repair process. For more information please click here.

 Classic Repairs
Classic car repair

Classic car repairThe team at Patterson Accident Repairs are experts in all aspects of classic and kit car maintenance, mot, repair and restoration  with almost 30 years of experience behind us.

Scuffs Patterson Accident Repairs Scuffs and scrapes on most panels and parts, bumpers, bonnets, doors, wings, and mirrors can be repaired without replacing the part. We want to repair just the damaged area, saving the cost of materials and time.
Dents Patterson Accident Repairs Dents not only look unsightly, they affect the value of your vehicle! If you have dented your wing, bonnet, bumper or door we can repair the part and not have to replace it. Saving the cost of expensive materials and saving you time.
Scratches Patterson Accident Repairs

Scratches not only spoil the look of your car but they also spoil the finish of your vehicle. These can however be repaired without fuss with our latest colour matching technology using the manufacturer’s original paint code specification.

This technology allows us to quickly repair the scratched area instead of the whole panel, giving you a quality repair at a fraction of the cost.

 Smart Repairs
Smart Repairs Patterson Accident Repairs We can offer smart repairs which work for minor scuffs, scratches, and dents. Smart Repair services can be used on:-
Bumper Scuffs
Scuffed Alloys
Interior Trim Repairs
Cigarette Holes
Machine Polishing
Mirror Covers, Waxing
Cabriolet Roof Refurb
 Computerised Wheel Alignment
Computerised Wheel Allignment

Improper tyre wheel alignment is a major cause of premature tyre wear, a properly aligned vehicle can add thousands of miles to tyre life.

Patterson Accident Repairs can offer computerised four-wheel geometry wheel alignment with a before and after print out.

Our staff is trained in the use of computerised wheel alignment equipment and can check and measure your car to the vehicle manufacturer requirements and carry out most adjustments required.

 Low Bake Oven
Low Bake Oven Patterson Accdent Rpairs

All our spraying is carried out in a low bake oven by qualified staff.

This method of spraying ensures a quality, hard wearing paint finish and also ensures that your vehicle will be protected for many years.

The oven has the latest filtration systems, which protects the environment and our workforce from the harmful effects of paint.


 Within our workshop we only operate with the latest hi-tech equipment, including:
Low Bake Oven
Infra-red drying equipment
Standox computerised paint system
Air Condition service and diagnostic equipment
Mig welding/mig braze Inverta spot welder
Centralised dust extract
Various types of vehicle lift
Chassis alignment via Celette euro jig
Bracket system and measurement systems
Smart Repairs
Allow wheel refurbishment
Light commercial vehicle repairs
Quick lightweight pulling system

Established 1988 - Latest equipment

6500 Sq ft premises – Trained technicians

Environmentally friendly materials used

Dedicated service

Courtesy cars/van

Vehicle online tracking system

All work guaranteed

 Contact Details


15a Walton Avenue
IP11 3HH

UK Tel: 01394 279 062
Fax: 01394 283 282



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