Additional Services

Scuffs & Chips

Bumper scuffs, cracks, chips and scratches are both unsightly and have an impact on the value of your vehicle. Historically a vehicle requiring this form of repair would have been sent to a conventional bodyshop, where the repairs would take anything from a week and cost several hundreds of pounds. Smart & Go can eliminate the need of you using a conventional/ traditional bodyshop by offering a fast, safe, cost effective and high quality alternative. Which can take less than 1 hour to repair…how that’s for starters. This is backed up with our manufacturer approved paint schemes, allowing us to guarantee accurate colour matches.   Paint technology has improved significantly in recent years with Automotive Repair Systems using the latest paint and auxiliary products resulting in the very best in Repair quality.


Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels are now on 98% of all cars and although in appearance they are appealing, they are more susceptible to damage, scuffs, scrapes, kerbing and pothole damage and corrosion than any other part of your car. With our team of highly trained SMART technicians, we can provide a hassle free, professional and cost effective remedy to bring your alloys back to their former glory.


Let’s Talk Diamond

The repair process involved for a Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel / Diamond Polished Alloy Wheel finish is aptly named due to the Diamond tip used to cut the face of the wheel. First of all in the repair procedure is the wheel is primed and painted; we then probe the face of the wheel to map it out on the computer. “With more and more manufacturers opting for Diamond Cut Alloys /Diamond Polished style of alloys, don’t panic they can be repaired” This mapping allows the lathe to cut away a very fine slither exposing the bare metal, thus producing a 2 toned effect. The wheel is then powder coated in lacquer and baked to a super hard finish. We can match any colour and can even invent colours if you so wish! This can be done during your Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Repair.


Air Conditioning

Using your Air Conditioning…whilst we make sure that our vehicles receive a regular service our air conditioning systems are often forgotten. Over time, the air conditioning system in your vehicle needs to be serviced and recharged to continue to work to its optimum level.

Your car air conditioning works all year round to keep you and your passengers comfortable whilst also filtering out dust, pollen and minimizing condensation levels to help you enjoy your journey. Whilst continuous use can help your vehicle air conditioning work more efficiently, it needs regular maintenance the same as any other component on your car.

Maintaining your air conditioning system is essential, not only for the personal comfort of the driver and passengers but for your health too. Air Conditioning units, especially in older vehicles are subject to spreading bacteria as this builds up in the vents, so it is essential to ensure your air-con is working safely and cleanly.

Wheel Alignment

Ensuring your vehicle is aligned correctly is critical to not only your vehicle’s performance and handling, but also the life cycle of the tyres. Ever noticed or been told that one tyre is scrubbing or worn out on the inner edge, where the opposite site tyre is perfectly fine? This could be a combination of several things, but you can guarantee that its’ either an unbalanced wheel as a result of being damaged…pothole or curb, and that the vehicle’s wheel alignment is now out.

Refurb Programmes

Patterson’s are experts when it comes to fleet refurbishment requirements and programmes. From maintaining your fleet, regardless of size, to end of life de-fleet solutions that are both cost effective and efficient in all aspects.

  • We fully understand your requirements and expectations:
  • We know downtime is key to you and your customers.
  • We know your service level agreements with your customers has to be met.
  • We know you may struggle with receiving an adequate replacement vehicle.

Our highly trained and qualified bodyshop technicians carry out fleet vehicle repairs to every type of vehicle, day in day out. We know how important it is to get your fleet vehicle repairs carried out quickly, with as little inconvenience as possible and have your vehicle back on the road.

With full access to all vehicle manufacturer repair methods as part of our Kitemark process, we offer you peace of mind, quality, satisfaction and convenience.